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Make Halloween Candy Dishes

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours

Halloween candy dishes

Get ready for Halloween trick or treating with your very own handmade candy dishes! These creatures made of terra cotta pots are functional and fun to make with kids or friends. They can be as detailed or simple as you like. Have fun and be creative.

Thanks to Home Depot associates Christine Partin and Chris Haygood for designing and creating our Halloween decorations. Questions? Contact them at the Home Depot Community.



  • Scrap cardboard


Step 1: Figure out where the glue will go on your pots. To do this, carefully stack them how you want them to stand. Mark any place that will be glued with an “X.”

stacked pots 

Step 2: Mask off the places where you’ll put the glue. Use painter’s tape and carefully trim the edges with a hobby knife.

cut masking tape 

Step 3: Take your pots outside, put them on a drop cloth and spray paint them in your choice of colors. For Frankenstein (made with four 8.25” pots), paint three pots with light green spray paint. Paint one pot and the 12.25” terra cotta saucer with black spray paint.

For the little monster (made with two 4” pots), spray paint the pots dark green. For the little mummy (made with two 4” pots), spray paint the pots white.

 Step 4: While the spray paint dries, work on the eyes for your creatures. Using the hot glue gun, glue together different size washers and paint each layer a different color.

Note: When using hot glue, be aware where you are putting your fingers. Hot glue gets extremely hot and should be used with the utmost caution. Only adults should use the hot glue gun.

glue washers 

Frankenstein uses two ½” fender washers, two 3/8” fender washers, and two ¼” cut washers.

The little monster uses one ½” fender washer, one 3/8” fender washer, and one ¼” cut washer.

The little mummy uses two 3/8” fender washers and two ¼” cut washers.

Step 5: Now it’s time to glue the pots together with the landscape glue. After you remove the tape, apply a generous amount of landscape glue and press the pots together. Then, using a wet paper towel, wipe off any excess.

If you notice a gap between the pots, fill in the cracks with more landscape glue and wipe away the excess. Smear and work in the glue with a wet paper towel. Wearing gloves is highly recommended. Allow the glue to dry before moving on to the next step. Once the glue has dried, lightly sand the glue smooth and touch up the paint.

caulk and glue 

Step 6: To make the little mummy, cut cheese cloth into strips and glue them on with hot glue. Start by draping strips from the inside of the pot, then wrap the mummy from top to bottom.

Cut the arms from scrap cardboard. Paint them white and wrap them with cheese cloth, leaving a small section at the shoulder end unwrapped. Glue the arms to the pot with hot glue. Make sure to cut away some of the cheese cloth and glue them directly to the pot.

Decide where you want the eyes to go and mark that spot with a marker. Cut away some of the cheese cloth there and hot glue the eyes directly onto the pot.

 glue arm


Step 7: Before you start painting on the details for the little monster and Frankenstein, you may want to sketch what you want them to look like on graph paper. 

plans Halloween candy dishes 

Step 8: Draw your design directly on the painted pots with a pencil or a fine-tip marker. Then, paint away!

Step 9: Fill the heads of the little mummy and little monster with candy and place on a buffet or dining room table. To make Frankenstein into a candy holder, place the 8” plastic saucer on his head and fill with candy. Frankenstein can be an indoor or outdoor candy holder. Happy Halloween!

Frankenstein candy dish


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