Video: How to Make Fresh Holiday Garland

Home Depot
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Learn how to make fresh Christmas garland ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Learn how to make fresh holiday garland. Fresh Christmas garland looks festive hanging from your fireplace mantel, or as a holiday centerpiece on your dining table. It also welcomes guests with wafts of fragrance at your front door.

Find out how to make fresh holiday garland using evergreens, holly berry branches, pine cones and whatever else you think looks pretty. It’s easy to make and will take only an hour once you gather the materials.

If you can’t source the materials from your own garden, consider planting shrubs or conifers in your outdoor space, whether in containers or in garden beds. That way, you can enjoy these evergreens and hollies outside all year long.

Enjoy your fresh garland for weeks throughout the holidays. Watch the video for instructions.


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