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How to Make a Christmas Tree Dress 3 Ways

Renee Valdes and Lucy Mercer
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How to make a Christmas Tree Dress 3 Ways ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Make a Christmas tree dress for a beautiful focal point in your great room, living room, hallway, on your porch or in a small space. We share three styles so you can create beautiful Christmas decor that matches your taste. There’s something for everyone. 

3 Ways to Make a Christmas Tree Dress


1. Elegant and Traditional Christmas Tree Dress

Try making this elegant evergreen Christmas tree dress for your home and holiday decor. This project uses tree trimmings to create the skirt over a foundation of chicken wire with a bodice of burlap and a ribbon tied at the waist.

Begin by sourcing greenery and your mannequin form. You can ask for tree branches and trimmings from the Home Depot Garden Center, and embellish with branches pruned from your own evergreen trees and shrubs. The dress shown is made of fir, but pine, cypress and even magnolia branches would work, too.

This stunning Christmas tree dress can even be a substitute for your own tree, though you may decide to use this as part of your Christmas decor in addition to your holiday tree.

Ours is propped up by two wooden crates. Have fun making this project. Get directions on how to make a Christmas tree dress.


Learn how to make a Christmas tree dress 3 different ways ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Modern Glam Mini Christmas Tree Dress

For this version of the Christmas tree dress, we’ve shortened the hemline, and by doing so, have taken a good bit of the work off the project.

This modern glam version will take just a couple of hours. Get a helper to trim the greenery and style the dress and you could finish sooner.

The key is having all the materials on hand before you begin. Use fresh greenery for the skirt, from your landscape or your local Home Depot Christmas tree lot. Wrap the bodice with landscaper’s burlap and finish with string lights, ornaments, a wired ribbon sash and a bead garland necklace.

Check out the instructions to make this modern glam mini version of the Christmas Tree Dress.


How to make a Christmas tree dress 3 ways ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Vintage Christmas Tree Dress Centerpiece

If the holidays find you pressed for time, try making this Christmas tree dress centerpiece. It’s a tabletop and mantel version that takes less than an hour once you have all your supplies together.

It’s a stylish addition to your Christmas decor and a conversation starter. We found our vintage-looking wire dress form at a local thrift store, though you could source one at a craft store.

This version of the Christmas tree dress uses arborvitae branches, but pine branches from your outdoor space (or a friendly neighbor’s yard) are also fine to use to make your centerpiece. Then, all you need is a piece of burlap or fabric and a holiday ribbon tied around the waist. You could also add other embellishments, such as this homemade pinecone flower. Optionally, you could place some fairy string lights around the skirt.

Creating this Christmas tree dress centerpiece is an easy way to decorate for the holidays. Feel free to pair it with one of the life-sized versions above as well.

Get the complete step-by-step instructions


This modern glam mini Christmas tree dress is an easy fix for holiday decor ll The Home Depot Garden Club

If you’re not into making your own Christmas tree dress, check out this 5-foot Christmas tree dress option, adorned with gold flowers, silver leaves and faux greenery. For this option, you can create your own bodice with burlap or a sweater from your closet.

Another option is a glam look for the Christmas tree dress. In white, it’s a glamorous and elegant option.  

For a rustic look, try this traditional Christmas tree dress. With traditional red with plaid, it will blend well with similar seasonal decor.

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