Make a Christmas Light Globe from 2 Planters

Lucy Mercer
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Difficulty: Beginner


Make this clever Christmas light globe with two hanging basket planters to create a glowing ornament for your porch or entryway. Strings of LED lights powered by battery packs eliminate the need for an electrical outlet.

Photo by Laura Mercer

Step 1

Start with two 14-inch hanging baskets. Remove the coco liners and save them for another use. 

Step 2

Remove the chain from one of the baskets and set aside for another purpose. If you need help, use pliers to unhook the chain. 

Step 3

Turn the hanging basket with the chain upside down. Take the one without a chain and place it on the bottom of the first, forming a globe. Place the cable ties around the baskets, attaching the two. 

Step 4

Working with one strand of lights at a time, insert batteries into the LED battery packs, then place in the bottom of the globe. Attach each pack to the frame with a zip tie. This is a good time to hang the globe. Wrap the strand of lights, pole to pole, around the globe. Run the second string of lights in the same way, filling in any gaps. 

Step 5

Switch the battery packs on and enjoy hours of a glowing globe. Just imagine a series of Christmas light globes along a covered porch or framing an entryway.

Photo by Laura Mercer


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