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Make a Birdhouse Centerpiece in a Nest of Succulents

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Itching to do some gardening but it’s too hot outside? Stay cool by making this easy indoor project: a mossy roof birdhouse in a nest of succulents. 

Sedum are succulents that you can purchase as individual plants or in a rectangle tile that’s easily cut to fit almost any shape. You’ll have no trouble keeping this low-maintenance centerpiece blooming beautifully.

Click through the project for bonus centerpiece ideas.

Step 1

Build the birdhouse according to the kit’s instructions. Or just purchase a pre-made birdhouse.

Use a power drill to fasten the supplied screws to the base of the birdhouse. Hammer in the nails to fasten the sides. Attach the roof using wood glue before nailing it down.

Step 2

Using wood filler, cover up any nail holes or imperfections. Sand when dry.

Step 3

Now you’re ready to stain the birdhouse. Just brush on your stain and let dry.

If you prefer, you can use exterior paint or spray paint instead of stain. Spray paint takes up to 24 hours to fully dry.

Step 4

Lay out the moss and pull apart a piece that can fit on the roof or the house itself. Glue around the birdhouse until finished. Fill in any bare spots with extra moss.

For a different look, you can glue moss to the sides of the birdhouse and use decorative gems on the roof.

Step 5

Grab the glue gun and secure the decorative knob on the space of the perch. 

Step 6

Now you’re ready to create the sedum nest for your birdhouse centerpiece. Fill the saucer with cactus potting soil. Take your garden scissors and cut the sedum tile to fit inside. Begin pulling the sedum apart in the middle to create space for the birdhouse.

You can also use small succulents. Fill in with additional soil if needed.

Step 7

Once you place your birdhouse in the center of the nest of sedum, trim away any wayward moss on the roof with scissors. It’s like giving your mossy roof a haircut.

Step 8

This pretty centerpiece is so easy to maintain. The sedum is easy to grow in all conditions. It’s attractive with its blend of color and textures.

Display it on your covered porch or on a console or dining table.

Spray the moss and succulents with water a few times a week to keep your centerpiece looking fresh. 

Step 9

You could also choose to paint and stencil your birdhouse for a different decorative look. We used Rust-Oleum Hammered Silver spray paint.

Look how the sedum grew in just a month’s time! 

Scroll through for five additional centerpiece ideas that will brighten your table or mantel into fall.

Step 10

Use mums and paint tins wrapped in cotton twine to create this rustic centerpiece.

Step 11

Another take on this simple project is to wrap burlap around mums in tins and stencil letters on the containers.

Step 12

Make these beautiful cement hypertufa planters and group them for a dramatic centerpiece display

Step 13

Use a galvanized caddy and fill it with succulents for an easy-care centerpiece.

Step 14

Create a succulent centerpiece using a metal serving tray. Drill drainage holes in the bottom and pour cactus potting soil between two coco liners. From there, snip holes where you want your succulents to go. 

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