Make a Worm Bin

Lynn Coulter
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Difficulty: Beginner


For fun, make a worm bin with your kids. As the worms eat kitchen scraps, they make free castings to supplement your compost. Use the compost in your garden spot or in container plantings.

You can keep worm the bin under a sink or in a laundry room or garage; it’s okay to move it outside to a sheltered spot when the temperatures range from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image: Claus Mikosch/Shutterstock

Step 1

Step 1. Using the ¼” drill bit, drill 20 holes, somewhat evenly spaced in the bottom of each bin.

Step 2

Step 2. Using the 1/16th drill bit, drill 30 small holes in the top of one lid. Continue using the 1/16th drill bit and drill ventilation holes around the sides of the bin, spacing about every inch.

Step 3

Step 3. Shred newspaper in 1” strips. Wet the newspaper and squeeze out excess water. Fluff the newspaper with your hands and place in the bin about 3” deep. Add leaves, coffee grounds, orange peels, etc., and mix under the wet newspaper.

Step 4

Step 4. Add worms and mix under newspaper. Cover with wet cardboard. Cover the bin with the vented lid.

Step 5

Step. 5.  Place the sealed lid on the floor and then put the cups on all four corners. Place the covered bin on top. 

Step 6

Add food weekly, and switch to the 2nd bin in this project when scraps are gone from the first. The worms will find the food. Try making a worm bin for Earth Day or as a school science project.

Thanks to Jennifer Scott at the Home Depot Forums for making our bin.


•    4 paper or plastic cups
•    Newspaper
•    Red Wiggler Worms – about 500 worms or one lb. (available at your local bait shop)
•    Scraps – orange peels, banana peels, coffee grounds, leaves, cereal, grains, tea bags, vegetables


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