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Make a Water Bowl Garden

Lynn Coulter
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water bowl garden

With a ceramic pot and a few aquatic plants, it’s easy to make a pretty water bowl as a centerpiece for a table, deck or patio. You can re-create our water bowl with approximately $40 of materials in about an hour. Your serene centerpiece will add beauty to your garden throughout the season.

To make a water bowl, begin by choosing a container you like.

 empty ceramic bowl

If it has drainage holes, use Great Stuff, a spray-on foam sealant, to plug them. Let the sealant dry overnight, or for 24 hours.

Great Stuff drying

Next, select your favorite aquatic plants, sold at some Home Depot stores. Our water bowl uses an aquatic fern, a Borneo Sword plant, and a tropical fern.

Some water plants come coated with a gel to preserve them. If yours have the coating, gently rinse it off.

When the sealant is dry, pour some gravel into the bowl to cover the sealant and provide a base to hold the plant roots. Add some well-rinsed garden rocks to provide dimension and interest to your design.


Place the plants around the rocks, and add water slowly from a watering can.

 aquatic plants in rocks

If you’re going to keep your water bowl garden outside, you may want to use Mosquito Dunks to keep mosquito larvae at bay.

plants in water

Your plants will grow and adapt to their new home. Keep an eye on the water level, as natural evaporation will cause the level to drop, and add fresh water weekly. Enjoy your new water garden!

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