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Make A Tablescape From Your Garden

Lynn Coulter
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make a tablescape from your garden


Capture autumn’s colors and textures when you create a tablescape with seasonal flowers and foliage from your garden. You can dress up this festive table with elegant elements, or keep it simple for a casual look.

First, grab a basket and stroll through your yard to gather what you’ll need. Look for fresh or fallen leaves, pretty seed pods, sprigs of herbs, snips of evergreens, interesting twigs, buds, or blooms. Bring your harvest to the table with a display of mini pumpkins, gourds, squash, or branches studded with berries. If you have muscadine vines, weave them around the plants and candles, or tie raffia bows around handfuls of attractive stems held in floral foam.




30 minutes to an hour

make a tablescape from your garden





Measuring tape


Metal paint bucket with lid

Flameless LED candles


Fresh-cut flowers and leaves

Jars or vases to hold the cut flowers and leaves in water

Optional: Small plants like mums or pansies (make sure the pots fit inside your buckets)

Optional: seed pods, cones, small fruits and vegetables, or other items from your garden


1. You may want to gently wash and dry your burlap before beginning, to soften it and make it smell fresh. Then measure the length of your table, and add 12″ to give the runner a 6″ drop on each end. Measure the width of your table, too, and make the runner as wide as you’d like. Cut the burlap to your measurements. The frayed edges will give you an informal “fringed” look, but if you prefer,  stabilize the edges by dabbing on a little Fray Check, a product available from craft and sewing stores that stops fabrics from unravelling.

2. Use new, empty metal paint buckets, or clean up your old ones and remove the labels. Place fresh-cut flowers in water, in small jars or vases that fit inside the buckets, or fill the buckets with small, potted plants like mums or pansies. If desired, add interesting branches or twigs; bunches of colorful leaves; or large, single leaves from plants like Hostas.

3. Put the LED candles on top of the bucket lids. The candles are available in pillar shapes, as tea candles, or as candlesticks.

4. Scatter a few leaves along the runner.

5. Want a little more glamour? Add sparkly crystal “gems,” available from craft stores, in seasonal shades like plum purple and harvest gold, or spray paint leaves, seed pods, or branches in gold, bronze, or silver, to match plate chargers or china with metallic accents.

Thanks to Home Depot Associate BostonRoots, who created our tablescape.



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