Make a Succulent Wreath for Mother’s Day

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours


Make this beautiful Mother’s Day succulent wreath that’s like a vertical planter for your door. It takes just under two hours to put together.

Step 1

Begin by determining a pattern to arrange your succulents in the wreath form. Then set aside outside the wreath form.

Step 2

Using the Sharpie, outline the base of the wreath form on a piece of cardboard or builder’s paper. Next, cut out the shape and mark with the Sharpie dots where you want the succulents to go based on your design. Using the scissors, fold the paper where the dots are located and snip openings that later will be used for planting the succulents. 

Step 3

With the cardboard or paper shape as a model, cut the coco liner in the same shape to use at the bottom of the wreath form. Cut another that’s 1 inch larger all the way around. This will be used as the top layer. Cut small 1/2-inch holes in the top coco liner matching the cardboard or paper liner. Eventually, this is where the succulents will be planted.

Step 4

Place the larger (top) cut coco liner underneath the chicken wire and use it as a guide. With the Sharpie, mark the outline on the chicken wire where you’ll want to cut. 

Using safety glasses, gloves and the wire cutters, cut the shape out of chicken wire. The easiest place to cut is on the sides that don’t have twisted wire. Set aside when done.

Step 5

Grab the drill and bit. Drill eight holes on the outer edges of the bottom of the wreath form. These will serve as the places to secure the bottom coco liner.

Place old newspapers underneath to catch the drill bit once it goes through the wreath form.

Once you drill all the holes, flip over the wreath form. Drill through on this side to get rid of any excess metal and to help cut down on sharp edges.

Step 6

Start securing the smaller (bottom) coco liner with floral wire inside the base of the wreath form. Thread through each hole, up and down. Leave 2 inches of floral wire on the end and cut off with your wire cutters. Secure the floral wire to the beginning piece by tightly twisting them together.

Step 7

Using a soil scoop or hand trowel, scoop about an inch of soil onto the bottom coco liner. Layer the cut cardboard or paper on top of the soil and add the chicken wire. Take the remaining cut piece of coco liner and carefully fold it over the chicken wire to lightly secure.

Step 8

To secure the top coco liner to the planter, take more floral wire and thread it through each hole all the way around the planter and secure at the end just as before. To break through the paper layer, carefully stick the wire through and then guide it into the hole at the bottom coco liner. 

Step 9

Now it’s time to divide and plant your succulents. After popping the succulent out of its container, carefully work your thumbs through the roots to divide so smaller pieces will fit through the holes of the coco liner, chicken wire and paper layers. If you can’t find the paper hole, try feeling around for it with a finger.

Work the succulent into the hole and repeat the process until the wreath is filled out. If you don’t need all the divided succulents, that’s OK. Use them for another wreath, plant them in a terrarium with air plants or create a pretty container with them.

Step 10

Mom will feel so special with this gift from the heart. Or you can hang it on your own door. Just add a pretty bow and you’re all set. It’s a fun project. You can always make two. 


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