Make a Scarecrow for Your Garden

Lynn Coulter
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Birdwatching is fun–until the birds you’re watching start picnicking in your garden. Our scarecrow can help ward off unwanted wildlife, although birds soon learn that a stationary figure isn’t a threat. They’re more likely to scatter when something moves, so after you make your straw man, add a few old CDs or aluminum pie plates that will spin and sparkle in the sun, or stick reflective foil pinwheels into the ground around him.

If you don’t need a guardian for your garden, let the scarecrow decorate your yard or porch for autumn. He’ll be happy to hang around.

Step 1

Begin by making the form for your scarecrow. Screw the 3′ piece of wood to the 5′ piece of wood to make a cross. The 3′ piece should be about 1′ down from the top of the form. Secure it with 3 screws.

Step 2

Put the t-shirt on the scarecrow.

Make the head out of burlap. Start by rolling the burlap tightly and then wrapping it around to make it look like a head. Secure the head to the scarecrow form with twine. You can add a garden hat and sunglasses so he won’t get sunburned.

Image: Shutterstock/AJ Gallant

Step 3

To put on the pants, cut a hole between the legs and shimmy the pants up the post. Tie the bottom of the legs with twine. Then use the twine to make suspenders. Once the pants are secure, stuff them with wheat straw. Also stuff the shirt with wheat straw. To complete your scarecrow, dig a hole in the ground and insert the cross upright.

Image: Shutterstock/Ken Schulze



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