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Make a Fall Centerpiece With Mums

Suzanne Oliver
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Mums Centerpiece

Your guests will “fall” in love with this gorgeous DIY centerpiece. It’s the perfect season to decorate your table with fall’s supreme flowering plant — chrysanthemums, or mums for short.

The blooms last for weeks, not days, and they come in a variety of colors, including yellow, red and purple. Anyone can do this simple project and brighten up their decor, inside or out. One centerpiece is elegant enough, but multiple centerpieces can create an even bigger “wow” factor.

Skill Level: Beginner






1. Start with an empty tin paint can. Home Depot sells brand new ones for around $5, or you can rip the label off an old one cluttering up the garage. (Just make sure there’s no leftover soupy paint in the bottom.)

2. Thread a broom handle through the spool of jute twine and set it on a tabletop. Secure the broom with some sort of wedge or weight to keep it from spinning back and forth.

Winding jute twine around paint can

3. Wind the jute twine around the knob which attaches the handle to the bucket. Securely glue in place for a starting point.

4. About 2 inches from the top of the can, start winding the jute tightly around and around the circumference. Every 10 rows or so, place a dot of glue along the back seam.

5. Keep wrapping until you reach the bottom of the can. Snip the twine and glue in place.

6. Place rocks in bottom of can to assist with drainage. Since the tin can doesn’t have holes in the bottom, this keeps the mum from sitting in standing water and rotting.

Rocks in bottom of paint can

7. Take your potted mum and using the knife, cut about an 1 ½ off the top of the black plastic pot. This ensures the pot won’t peek out of the tin can.

Cutting mum pot

8. Place your mum down inside the can on top of the rocks.

9. Water and enjoy!

Mums in paint cans


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