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Make a Christmas Wreath with Dried Flowers

Home Depot
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Our Stretch Gardening series shows you how to dry and preserve flowers from your garden. Now discover how easy and fun it is to turn those flowers into holiday gifts and decor, like the Christmas wreath below. If you don’t have enough preserved flowers, substitute silk or commercially dried blooms instead. Then read on. We’ve got lots more great ideas for making seasonal gifts and decor.

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Christmas wreathChristmas Rose Wreath

(Silica Dried and Air Dried Roses)


  • 3 large dried red roses (any red flowers will work)
  • 4 or 6 small dried roses on stems
  • 1 pkg Spanish moss
8 or more silk holly leaves or bright green silk poinsettia bracts
  • clear acrylic spray (available in some Home Depot paint departments)

  • Optional: Design Master floral spray in Holiday Red (available from craft stores)
  • Christmas snowflakes or small white silk poinsettias
  • Optional: other Christmas floral or glittery decorations
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


If your dried flowers are a bit faded, perk them up by spraying lightly with Holiday Red Design Master floral spray. When dry, spray them with 1 or 2 coats of clear acrylic spray for durability.

Wrap a length of ribbon in a spiral all the way around the wreath and hot glue in place. Take a handful of Spanish moss and spread it evenly from the bottom to halfway up the wreath on either side. Lightly hot glue in place in a few spots. Hot glue one large flower to the center bottom of the wreath. Leave a little space on either side of the center flower and glue on the other two large flowers as shown.

Tuck stemmed flowers up the sides of the wreath behind the two larger flowers. With the leftover ribbon, make 2 loops and 2 streamers (or make the entire bow, if you wish). We made 2 bow “loops,” pinched and glued the ends together, and glued them on the wreath behind and under the edges of the center flower.

Fold the remaining ribbon in half, and pinch and glue the center of the streamers to the wreath under the center flower. Hot glue the green leaves or bracts under the flowers and around the bow and roses. Glue the white snowflakes or small white poinsettias as desired. Fill any open spaces with glittery decorations of your choice.

Special thanks to Ellen Bowman for her assistance with this project. Ellen has sold her dried arrangements at art shows and craft fairs all across New York and North Carolina. Visit her at Dry Your Own Flowers.

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