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Living Decor: DIY Succulent Chandelier

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


DIY succulent garden

Add living décor indoors with this hanging succulent planter. It’s easy to make, low-maintenance and brightens up any room.

Simply choose shallow, lightweight containers with drainage holes, or make your own in the bottom. Then, pick your favorite succulents and create this hanging two-tier garden in an afternoon.


Knot rope

Step 1: Cut and tie rope. Cut two 16’ lengths of clothesline or heavy twine. Fold both lengths in half. Tie a knot at the midpoint, creating a loop. Pull to tighten. Make sure all four cord lengths are about even.


Drill holes

Step 2: Drill drainage holes. Turn your lightweight pots upside down. Drill four drainage holes on opposite sides of the base of each pot using a 1/2” drill bit. Turn pots right-side up.


Thread rope

Step 3: Thread rope through pots. Feed the end of each cord through the top of each hole of the first pot until the pot is about 2’ from the hanging loop. Be careful not to twist or wrap cords around each other.

Holding the pot with one hand, feed the ends of each cord around the sides of the pot and back through the hole they started in; pull tightly. Ensure pot hangs level.

Repeat feeding the cord through the holes of the second pot, leaving about 8”-10” between the two pots.


Finish knotting

Step 4: Knot and finish. After you have looped through the second pot, gather the rope and knot it close to the second pot. Trim excess rope to desired length.



Step 5: Plant succulents. Water succulents before planting. Place pots side by side on a table.

Lay a little bit of bubble wrap or tin foil on the bottom of each container to help prevent dripping when you water your succulents.

Add 1” of cactus and succulent potting mix on top of the plastic. Arrange succulents in your container, placing taller ones in the center and trailing ones on the outside. Fill with soil.


Hang succulents

Step 6: Hang and enjoy. Choose a sunny place to hang your new succulent garden. Screw a heavy-duty hook into the ceiling. Hang looped rope onto the hook. Water sparingly; succulents like dry conditions.


Embellish excess rope with beads by sliding a few onto each cord and knotting below to secure into place.


Tools for DIY succulent chandelier planter


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