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Let Your Lawn Become a Playing Field

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Presented by Scotts and Ortho


A lush, green summer lawn should be more than something to view from the patio. Instead, it should play its part in your summer activities — as a playing field.

Let’s start with the appearance and condition of your grass. When it comes to setting the tone for the weekend’s activities, lush, green grass is important. That means Scotts Green Max. Apply it three days ahead of your event to help your “turf” look greener and be prepared for any game. It’s kid- and pet-friendly and even improves the lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, plus it helps thicken grass for a better playing field.

Even more, by applying Ortho Bug B Gon MAX Insect Killer for Lawns, you can prevent unwanted pests from joining the game. It won’t harm grass, but effectively kills and prevents insects, including ants, spiders, ticks and chinch bugs for up to three months.


With your playing surface green and ready for competition, the keys to choosing the right outdoor games are simple:

  1. Consider your game players — their ages, activity levels and competitive nature. You want to offer games that will include the group and match their abilities.
  2. Consider your green space — how much area will be available for play? Certain games, like croquet, require a larger space to be enjoyed to its fullest, while something like bocce ball is more flexible and well-suited to smaller lawns.
  3. Consider the event itself — at times, the type of event, whether a casual party or backyard barbecue, can dictate the style of outdoor play. A casual neighborhood get-together might mean a volleyball game or badminton, something with a higher intensity level. While graduation parties or evening gatherings might coincide with something that plays a little easier.


Once you’ve honed in on the guest list and the type of gathering, create a basic game plan for your outdoor games. You should always rely on the classics — croquet, horseshoes, bocce ball, badminton. They are inclusive to any group and most people either know or can quickly grasp how to play. But, as with anything, it is also important to throw in some new gaming twists, like cornhole or paddle tennis or kan-jam (a softer version of horseshoes using buckets). And, for your more competitive guests, always offer a few higher-activity choices, like Wiffle ball or Frisbee.

One last point: As the day’s play continues, make sure you’re a host that has thought about playing conditions. Have bottled water and sunscreen available. And a wicker basket filled with Off! products will be much appreciated by all players.

Go ahead. Keep your lawn more active this summer and transform your outdoor living space into a first-class playing field.

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