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Learn How to Create a DIY Succulent Garden in a Planter

Lucy Mercer
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Grow Succulents in a Container

It’s okay to play with your plants, especially when you create a whimsical container full of succulents and trinkets like treasures from the beach.

Succulents and their kin, sedums, are easygoing plants for containers. They are low maintenance and come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures.

Make a Succulent Container Garden

Succulent Garden in a Container

Tools & Materials


Succulent Garden in a Container

1. Choose container and gather materials. A low ceramic container works best for this project. (The 16-inch ceramic container featured is a good size for the project and can handle hot and cold weather extremes). You can embellish the garden with trinkets and found objects. Go for a beach theme with seashells, pieces of coral, sea glass and driftwood. 


Succulent Garden in a Container

2. Fill container with potting mix for succulents. This product provides the right amount of drainage for succulents. If this will be a tabletop display, be sure to pick out a saucer for the container. Soil falling out of the drainage hole is sometimes a concern, especially indoors. A paper coffee filter placed over the drainage hole before you pour in the soil should take care of any problems.


Succulent Garden in a Container

3. Place succulents where you want them in your final design. Pull soil away and tuck in the plants. Smaller succulents can be planted container and all. Larger plants will need to be gently pulled from their containers and nestled into the soil. Finish with soil around the plants, and press the soil down, smoothing it in preparation for the sand. 

Pour the sand gently around the plants, covering the soil with about a half inch of sand.


Succulent Garden in a Container

5. Pour sand around the succulents, lifting up the leaves so that the sand gets underneath.


Succulent Garden in a Container

6. Finish with seashells, coral and treasures from the beach. This project is adaptable for many themes, including a fairy garden

Outdoors, keep your succulent garden in filtered light and check the moisture level every week by pushing back the sand close to the plants and touching the potting soil lightly with your fingertips. Let soil dry in between waterings. Keep your succulent garden looking fresh with occasional watering. 

The best outdoor light combination for most succulents is bright morning light and filtered afternoon sunshine. Indoors, place succulents near a sunny window. If you notice the plant getting leggy and stretching for light, move to a brighter location or rotate every few weeks for balanced growth. Check out more tips for growing succulents.

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