How to Make a Cute Terra Cotta Snowman

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Looking for a quick, fun project for Christmas? Learn how to make a terra cotta snowman from flowerpots. This simple snowman can be made in under an hour.

Crank up the Christmas tunes and personalize your festive friend with paint, mini ornaments and other embellishments.

Step 1

Start by painting your terra cotta flowerpots. Take the smaller 4-inch pot and paint it black so it looks like a top hat. Then create the snowman’s face by painting the 6-inch flowerpot white.

Get creative while painting the rim of the hat and base of the face. Add stripes, polka dots or any other design. 

Step 2

When the paint dries, put about four glue dots inside the rim of the hat and place it on top of the larger pot. The glue dots help the pot stay in place.

Still, remember to hold the snowman by its base when moving it around.

Step 3

Decorate your snowman’s hat using pom poms and ribbon.

Glue the pom pom to the top of the flowerpot hat and add ribbon to the rim. 

Step 4

For the snowman’s face, glue googly eyes to the white pot or create them using paint markers. A tiny red ornament makes a great nose. You can also cut a triangle from an orange piece of paper to serve as a more traditional carrot nose.

Next, draw a mouth or use stick on black gems. Optionally, you can use a piece of gold or red cord.

Step 5

What your snowman needs now is some snowflakes. Add snowflake embellishments to the hat and/or use them around the base of the face. 

Personalize your new friend by instead painting or gluing a fabric scarf to the base of the face.

Step 6

This is how the project looks when it’s complete. 

Step 7

When your snowman’s ready for prime time, put it on your desk at work or give it as a gift.

This also makes a great project that kids can complete and proudly display in their own rooms.

Step 8

For a fun twist on this project, you can make a Christmas tree by stacking three terra cotta pots. Check out this variation on the tree and this larger terra cotta snowman.

There are so many possibilities on this project – let your Christmas imagination run wild!



Terra cotta flowerpot snowman


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