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Don’t Spring a Leak: Tune Up Sprinklers

Home Depot
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Thirsty lawns and plants easily account for up to 50 percent of a homeowner’s total water usage. An automatic irrigation system is the best choice to save water, time and money.

However, it pays to be sure your sprinklers are in good working condition. Perform regular check-ups seasonally to conserve water while protecting your bank account.

Irrigation System Check-Up:

  1. Check irrigation controls, and clean and set the timer. Determine the number of active zones you have. Inspect the backflow preventer, typically located near your water meter with a green, black or purple lid. Replace lid if missing.
  2. Check sprinkler and spray heads for dirt and other debris that may block the flow of water.
  3. Turn on the system one zone at a time and mark each pop-up head. Use a different marker for each zone.
  4. Look for bubbling water, shooting water, puddles and irregular water-spraying patterns in the irrigation heads as well as the irrigation pipe.
  5. Make any necessary repairs or modifications. Replace cracked, chipped or worn sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves or pipes. Keep system turned off until repairs are made.
  6. Set the irrigation controller for proper watering times based on the season and any local watering restrictions or guidelines.
  7. Replace the backup battery in the timer/controller every six months.


Adjusting and replacing pop-up heads is easy for the average homeowner, but repairing irrigation lines and electrical work is often best performed by professionals. Know your skills to avoid injuring yourself or worsening your irrigation issue.

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