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Laying Down Synthetic Grass

Suzanne Oliver
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A dog enjoying a lawn made from synthetic green grass

Animals like synthetic TruGrass


If covering your entire lawn in AstroTurf sounds crazy, think of the time you’d save. No more mowing, fertilizing, raking, seeding, weeding or watering! Just yards of rich, green grass.

Actually, there’s a solution to the back-breaking routine, and one that doesn’t look like a putting green. TruGrass by TurfEvolutions sells synthetic grass that looks like the real thing, both in color and thickness. There’s even thatch for extra cushioning.

There are seven types on the market, each customized for a different purpose, whether it be pets or cityscapes. There’s even one designed especially for playgrounds with shock-absorbing pads that will break a fall from up to 12 feet.

TruGrass can be used anywhere and in any climate. And it’s resistant to weather, rot, mold, mildew and fungus growth. Prices start at $3.88 per square foot.

Interested in ditching that old mower? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install synthetic grass.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate


  • Rolls of TruGrass
  • Paver base (a mix of gravel and stone)
  • 40D (5-inch) stakes (one for every square foot of grass)
  • FortiFlash (waterproof flashing membrane)
  • Sand




1. Measure length and width of lawn to compute number of square feet needed. TruGrass comes in 15-foot-wide rolls and must be laid all in the same direction like carpet.

2. With a shovel, completely remove old lawn down to the roots and weeds to a depth of 4 inches.

3. Pour paver base and smooth with a rake.

4. Using a plate compactor, pack base down about an inch.

5. Roll out artificial grass and secure with stakes (sold separately) about every foot. Cut off the excess.

6. Use a strip of FortiFlash between seams. Secure with stake.

7. Spread out sand to keep grass weighted down.

8. Work sand into the grass using a push broom. This will make the blades pop up like a lush carpet.

9. Clean with household chemicals and a hose.


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