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Adding a Large Patio? Don’t Forget the Green

R. L. Rhodes
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A Capriana patio.

Patios are meant to combine the best of both worlds: a comfortable space for lounging and entertaining, bridging your home to the outdoors. If you’ve got a green thumb, there’s no better way to capture that mix of indoors and out than by planting your patio with greenery.

When you’re looking for opportunities to garden on an existing patio, the best answer is usually container gardening. Adding a new patio, though, affords more creative opportunities. When you’re planning for a large patio, those opportunities become nearly limitless.

One attractive solution is to build your patio around uncovered plots of soil so that you can plant directly into the patio space. Doing so allows you to incorporate plants that might otherwise be difficult to maintain in a hardscaped space. Think shrubs, trees and ornamental grasses!

When pouring concrete or building a wooden deck, that can mean considerable effort blocking off space or building interior angles. For a less convoluted process, use pre-cut pavers, like Pavestone’s Capriana line, designed to convey the charm and feel of an Italian piazza.

Mixing different sized pavers (Capriana pavers come in flavors of large, medium and small) lets you achieve a broad variety of designs. With some graph paper and a solid sense of scale, you can plan out complex shapes for your green space. Pick your plants carefully, though — trees that produce aggressive surface roots may eventually dislodge even concrete — and leave plenty of space around the base of your plants to let them grow.

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