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Landscape with Flower Bulbs

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours



Bulbs planted in fall bring luscious spring flowers | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Spring flower bulbs brighten the landscape with their cheerful blooms. But don’t just plant them in your garden beds, plant them elsewhere. Tuck them in clusters in other spots around the yard, so you’ll have plenty of flowers to enjoy outdoors and extras to cut for vases.

Before you plant, use a hoe or trowel to loosen your soil so it drains easily. Use a garden rake to remove weeds, rocks and sticks, then add some organic matter, such as peat moss or compost.

6 Ways to Grow More Spring Bulbs:

  1. Plant bulbs lasagna-style. Choose early-, mid- and late-spring varieties that need to be planted at different depths; read labels for this information. Plant the biggest, latest-flowering bulbs first, and cover them with soil. Plant another one or two layers, ending with the smallest, earliest-flowering bulbs. Don’t exceed three layers.
  2. Tuck bulbs. Under small, deciduous shrubs and trees and ornamental grasses, tuck flower bulbs where you can see their blooms before leaves emerge.
  3. Create a focal point. Make a focal point by planting bulbs in a corner of your yard. Use only one or two colors for the best effect. If you want the bulbs to come back next spring, don’t mow over the foliage after the flowers fade. Let it die naturally.
  4. Plant along foundation. Place flower bulbs in front of shrubs along your foundation. Avoid putting them under evergreens that will shade them.
  5. Make a border. Make a bulb border around a vegetable patch or perennial bed. The spring bulbs will be finished by the time the perennials are up, and they’ll help disguise the bulbs’ fading looks.
  6. Scatter wabi sabi style. Scatter bulbs that naturalize easily, like crocus and daffodils, over the landscape, and plant them where they fall. Again, don’t mow or remove their foliage until it dies back, or plan on planting more bulbs next year.

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