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Know What You Mow: Try Our Lawn Care Quiz!

Lynn Coulter
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Image by Miggslives via Flickr

Having a lawn is an asset. Grass helps keep the surface temperature around your home 30 to 40 degrees cooler than bare soil, and 50 to 70 degrees cooler than nearby streets and driveways. (Source: http://AITC.oregonstate.edu)

Last week we quizzed you on garden tools. How did you do? The answers are: 1. Dibble; 2. Pike; 3. Potato digger; 4. Dibble (yes, again); 5. Parrot-nosed pea picker. Ready to match wits again? Here goes–and resist that urge to look these up on Google!

Lawns are as common as—well, the grass under your feet. How much do you really know about them?

1. A single grass plant can have ______ miles of roots.

a.  56
b.  387
c.  703
d.  110

(Source: Professional Lawn Care Institute of America)

2. What kind of grass is named for a state?

3. What grass shares its name with a city?

4. The most expensive “lawn” in the world is a grass tennis court. Where is this court located?

5. What do you call the thick layer of grass clippings and other plant material that builds up between living grass and the soil?

a.  Dead stuff
b.  Thatch
c.   Rhizomes
d.   Silt
e.   Compost

6. Just 625 square feet of lawn provides enough ____ for one person for a whole day.

a.  Water
b.  Dirt
c.  Oxygen
d.  Nitrogen
e.   It doesn’t provide enough of anything for a person, but it keeps a hungry cow busy.

BONUS:  Name a poem, movie, or book with “Grass” in the title. (Sorry, lawn care manual and grass identification guides don’t count!)


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