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Know The Nitty-Gritty On Dirt? Try Our Garden Quiz!

Lynn Coulter
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Photo by John A. Kelley, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service via Flickr

Think you know all about dirt? Scientists like this one study the science of the soil, helping gardeners better use and protect our valuable topsoil.


How did you do on our last quiz? Here are the answers:

1. President George H.W. Bush; 2. Paula Deen; 3. Will Rogers; 4. Paul Cezanne; 5. Chef Emeril Lagasse; 6. “Green Onions;” 7. “Collards and Cornbread.”

Ready to match wits again? Here goes–and resist the urge to look these up on Google!

1.  Approximately how many earthworms are in an acre of dirt? ( We don’t know if anyone has actually counted, but we’re going to use the answer supplied by the University of Illinois Extension Service.)
a.  over a million
b.  over 5 million
c.  250,000
d.  500,000

2.  Let’s define “soil” as the stuff that plants grow in. Name at least 2 types of soil. Bonus points if you can name 3 or 4.

3.  What’s the minimum number of years it takes to form one inch of topsoil?
a.   1,000
b.   5,000
c.   500
d.   100

4.  True or false? A single spade-full of rich garden soil contains more organisms than are found above ground in the entire Amazon rain forest.

5.  Perlite is an ingredient in most commercial potting soils. What is perlite?


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