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Knock Out Roses Bring Season-Long Blooms to Your Garden

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Knockout Roses

Presented by Knock Out® Roses

If like most everyone, you are afraid of growing roses, you need to try the revolutionary Knock Out® Family of Roses. These easy-to-grow shrub roses will reward you every day with a season-long show of blooms from spring to frost. With stunning colors to choose from, there are so many ways to enjoy Knock Out® Roses everywhere in your garden.

The Knock Out® Family of Roses blooms every five to six weeks, from spring to frost, creating a stunning show of beautiful flowers. They can fit into any landscape in most climates. Plant them individually as a focal point, among other shrubs or in large groups to create a colorful hedge. Incorporate perennials and annuals to create a season of color, texture and interest.

The Knock Out® Family of Roses is the most disease-resistant rose on the market, making them easy to grow. All of the Knock Out® Roses are self-cleaning, so there is no need to deadhead.

Drought Tolerance

Knockout Roses

Roses in general, including those in the Knock Out® Family of Roses, are very drought tolerant once established. The amount you need to water them after establishment depends on varying environmental conditions, such as the amount of natural rainfall you receive, soil type and temperature.

In many areas of the country, like the East coast and parts of the Midwest, supplemental irrigation may not be necessary once the plants are established, unless your area is experiencing a period of drought. In climates of the West coast and areas with sandier soils, roses may need watering much more frequently.

In general, it is best to water deeply (up to a depth of 12 to 18 inches) at fewer intervals rather than watering a little bit each day. Allowing the soil to dry down slightly in between watering will force the roots to grow and seek out moisture deeper in the soil. Ultimately, this will create a stronger root system and allow the plant to thrive during drier days.

What varieties are best?

Knockout Roses

The Knock Out® Rose: ‘Radrazz’ CPBR 0,993. The original member of The Knock Out® Family, this shrub rose set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. The bloom cycle produces rich cherry-red, hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost. They are black spot-resistant, drought-tolerant and self-cleaning. 


Knockout Rose

The Peachy Knock Out® Rose  ‘Radgor’ PP 5,628. Blooms from spring through fall with attractive pink flowers. The overall color effect is peach, achieved with the combination of pink petals that become yellow in the center. The color will be much more intense with the cooler temperature in the spring and fall. 

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