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Knock Out Roses for Mother’s Day

R. L. Rhodes
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When you know a mother who likes to grow her own flowers, choosing the right Mother’s Day gift can be a challenge. How do you decide on a plant that both indulges her hobby and complements her garden? How do you avoid burdening her with a needy plant that ends up monopolizing her weekends? If you want to present her with a plant that’s virtually guaranteed to grow well, but doesn’t put unreasonable demands on her time, consider a Knock Out Rose from the Garden Center at your local Home Depot.


As a rule, roses are a beautiful addition to any garden, but the maintenance they demand can sometimes overwhelm a busy gardener. William Radler, a lifelong rose enthusiast and breeder, developed the Knock Out Rose to allow gardeners to indulge their love of roses, without committing to the intensive labor required by other breeds.

The result of Radler’s perseverance is a handsome rose that blooms often and resists disease better than any other variety you can buy. That means not only more reliable results, but also far less work for growers. And with varieties like the Original Knock Out, Double Knock Out, Pink Double Knock Out and Sunny Knock Out, The Home Depot has roses to complement nearly any garden.


The Knock Out Rose won the All American Rose Selection Award the year it was introduced, and no wonder. The Knock Out produces vibrant blossoms every five to six weeks until the first hard frost. Spent blooms detach as a matter of course, so there is no need to deadhead between blossoms. Though it certainly can benefit from additional fertilizer, it grows well even without.

Because the Knock Out naturally resists black spot and powdery mildew, mom can forego the weekly spraying that some rose varieties require. Hardy enough to grow throughout most of the United States, Knock Outs endure drought conditions and thrive in winter temperatures all the way down to freezing.


If helping to plant Knock Out Roses is part of your Mother’s Day plans, look for a sunny spot where the plant can count on around six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Give it between three to five feet of growing space, both up and across. The plant will need regular watering at the base until it has settled into the plot. A three-inch layer of mulch pulled back from the stem will help it retain moisture near the roots where it’s needed most. For ideal flowering, cut the plant to about 12” above the ground after the last hard frost of each year.

Ask any mom. Motherhood can be both demanding and rewarding. Often, achieving a balance between the demands and rewards can be a challenge. This Mother’s Day, show your gratitude with a gift that returns stunning rewards for minimal effort.


Use our Store Finder to locate your nearest Home Depot and ask our associates there to show you their selection of Knock Out Roses. For more great Mother’s Day gift ideas, take a look at our helpful guide at The Home Depot Gift Center. And for plants to complement Knock Out Roses in your garden, check out the Plants, Bulbs & Trees at the Garden Center.

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