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Keep Your Container Gardens Fresh in Summer Heat

Renee Valdes
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Containers of flowers and foliage

When temperatures begin to soar, keep your container gardens fresh and cool as well as healthy and thriving. With these quick remedies, your containers will perk up, bringing nonstop blooms and foliage.

4 Tips to Keep your Container Gardens Fresh in Summer


Whiskey barrel garden

1. Refresh

Refresh the flowers in your whiskey barrel or other container gardens by deadheading or trimming off spent flowers. Flowers such as coneflower, coreopsis, petunias, calibrachoa and others will perk up and provide another round of blooms.

If your flowers are too far gone, replace with summer heat-lovers, such as any of the above, plus celosia, salvia, sedum and canna. You could also grow coleus, hosta and heuchera in containers in a shady spot, like your covered entryway and porch. 


GrowOya watering system

2. Be water smart

Drip irrigation kits for containers give your plants just the right amount of water without making them soggy in the heat. Patio plant watering kits come with almost everything you need, are easy to install, simple to use and save time and money. One kit supplies up to 10 containers. Better yet, hook up your containers to a water hose timer.

Another option is to plant a porous terra cotta oya, such as the GrowOya (shown above) in containers. Fill your oya with water every five to 10 days and it will gradually seep moisture into the root system of plants in your container, saving time and water and reducing waste. GrowOyas come with lids to prevent mosquitos from multiplying around the water source. If you know rain is expected, open it up until the storm passes for a natural supply.


Organic fertilizer, plant fertilizer

3. Provide fertilizer and extra nutrients

As nutrients in your containers begin to deplete from summer storms and hot weather, add some back in.

Use water-soluble fertilizer for boosting blooms and foliage in containers. Use organic plant food for edibles such as vegetables and herbs.  


plant caddy

4. Reposition containers

If your container isn’t thriving in one spot, try it in another. A break from late-day sun could be just be what the container needs.

To help make this task easy, place planter caddies underneath the pots and enjoy the ease of moving the containers from sunlight to shade. Save your back and your deck or patio from water spots, too.

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