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7 Ideas for a Mid-Size Garden Space

Renee Valdes
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Get ideas for your mid-size garden space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Get the most out of your mid-size garden space with ideas you can try in your own landscape. Gardens with a combination of small and large spaces provide ample opportunities to create nooks, expansive flower and vegetable gardens, entertaining areas or whatever you desire.

Perhaps you dream of entertaining around a crackling fire pit or prefer sipping coffee in a quiet nook in your garden.

No matter your preference, gardens always provide oxygen-rich spaces for relaxation. 

7 ideas for a mid-size garden:


Designate an area for entertaining in your mid-size garden space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1.  Designate an area for entertaining al fresco

For your mid-size garden, decide where you’re going to entertain, whether dining alfresco, eating s’mores around a fire pit or both. That way, you can carve out your mid-size gardening space from there.

Above, a raised platform deck becomes a focal point in the landscape surrounded by brightly-colored flower beds. Mulch brings contrast and acts as a weed barrier to help your garden retain moisture. 


How to create a sustainable large space garden ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Plant a sustainable garden

Carve out space in your mid-size landscape for a sustainable garden that brings a profusion of blooms and edibles that attract pollinators. A sustainable garden done right can be easy to care for and over time gives back with fragrance, color and taste.

A sustainable landscape also grows new perennial plants. Learn how to create a sustainable garden with ideas from award-winning author, horticulturalist and international garden designer Kate Frey.

Photo provided by Kate Frey


Create a green wall in your outdoor space ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Create a natural green screen

Because sometimes our neighbors live close in proximity, you may consider planting a natural green screen using a combination of tall shrubs and conifers with a colorful garden beneath.

In this garden, you’ll see a mix of annuals and perennials, including vinca, daisy, fern, coleus and caladium. Try screening shrubs such as arborvitae, vibernum or loropetalum.


Fire pit

4. More ideas for garden privacy

Incorporate more privacy in your mid-size garden plan while creating a peaceful and quiet space in the process. This eye-catching, decorative wood wall can be built right on the deck. It can block unsightly views, reduce outdoor noise and add aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

Attach vertical gardens with succulents on the wall. Don’t forget potted ornamental grasses. See more on vertical gardens below.

To complete the look of your outdoor oasis, incorporate patio furniture and don’t forget a fire pit for entertaining and lounging all season long.


Get the most out of your mid-size garden ll The Home Depot Garden Club

5. Grow vertically

When you have small and narrow pockets within your garden, take advantage of them. Use fences or walls to take your gardening to a whole new level. Vertical gardens add more space for edibles, flowers or other plants. 

Try oregano, thyme, basil and other herbs in a vertical garden made from aluminum buckets

Get ideas for gardening in small spaces. Try these vertical gardening projects or if you have more time, try this DIY herb garden.


Cluster flowerpots for an instant garden ll The Home Depot Garden Club

6. Create a cluster garden

Due to limited time, gardeners of all levels desire easy, low-maintenance options for gardening. That’s why one pot wonders do the trick for an instant garden with extra foliage and blooms. 

Above, a fern spills over a flowerpot (above back). Heat-hardy mandevilla (Rio Dipladenia) blooms pink with petunias (above right) and sunny yellow marigolds provide color next to the silver foliage of dusty miller (above left).

Get ideas for your flowers with the thriller, filler and spiller philosophy when creating your own containers. Just look for flowers and other plants that are low-maintenance.

Consider adding drip irrigation for regular watering in summer heat and other ways to keep a container garden looking fresh in the heat.


Create a garden path in your mid-size landscape ll The Home Depot Garden Club

7. Make a garden path 

Get around your outdoor space easier with a garden path. Surrounded by hydrangeas, these stepping stones lead the way to a patio seating area in the middle of the garden. 

For garden path ideas and creating your own, see our DIY garden paths story.

If you encounter problem areas in your mid-size landscape, such as pools of water, read about ways to manage heavy rain. If drought is a concern, try these ideas for managing a lack of rain.

Photo above by Laura Mercer

Get more gardening ideas:

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