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How to Score a Winning Lawn

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Presented by Scotts 

Thanks to cooler, still-sunny days and crisp evenings around the fire pit, there’s nothing like a little fall fun. From backyard tailgates to end-of-season barbecues to touch-football games, this might just be the most wonderful time of the year.

That much fun and foot traffic, however, can really do a number on an ordinary lawn. So, before you welcome friends, family and neighbors to your outdoor activities, try these three things to get your lawn party-ready.

Photo by Scotts

1. Food: Whether you’re grillin’ or chillin’, your lawn’s going to be tackled hard, thanks to folding chairs, yard games, kids, pets and partygoers. Apply Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Lawn Food now. It provides much-needed nutrients to help repair summer damage, and builds stronger, deeper roots for a thicker, greener lawn next spring. Plus, it’s kid- and pet-friendly when applied as directed.

2. Drink: Like any party participant, your lawn needs a little thirst-quencher … water! Give it a deep watering immediately after feeding to help speed up greening.

Photo by Scotts

3. Fun: Before guests gather ’round or huddle up, make your own pre-party move by prepping your lawn for fun. Apply Scotts® EZ Seed to patch small wear-and-tear spots caused by summer-season play. This seeding mix uses a unique combination of Scotts high-performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food and Scotts super-absorbent growing material. Just rake, shake and water in. It absorbs six times its weight in water to help keep seed moist. For Southern lawns, try Scotts Bonus® S Southern Weed and Feed.

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