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How To Repurpose Christmas Greenery

Suzanne Oliver
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With Christmas come and gone, don’t pitch your Christmas tree and garland. Put it to use! That greenery is good for more than just garden mulch.


You could add the branches to your compost pile, or use them to make fragrant potpourri first.




Boughs of dried garland

Dried poinsettia flowers

Wood chips, available in apple, cherry, hickory or pecan

(*Amounts will depend on the size of your bowl)


Bypass pruners


1. Cut the garland into small pieces, roughly an inch or two long, using your bypass pruners.
2. Separate the poinsettia blooms.
3. Combine greenery, poinsettias and wood chips together in your bowl and display. For added fragrance, you can also add cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and dried fruit.

Christmas Tree

You could stuff your tree in a chipper…but you could be even more eco-friendly and plant it in your yard. Just be sure to dig the hole before the ground freezes and store the soil somewhere more temperate, like the garage. Turn your tree into a wildlife sanctuary by “decorating” it with outdoor goodies for the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. They’ll appreciate sprays of birdseed, strings of popcorn or cranberries, and chunks of suet.

Quick Tip

  • The long branches from a tree or even its trunk make great support stakes for young plants that need protection from the harsh winter weather.

Other Ways To Repurpose Christmas

  • Cut images from your many Christmas cards and make into gift tags or garland for next year.
  • Save bows and use them more than once.
  • Cut strands of old Christmas lights into twisty-ties for the kitchen or garden.
  • Clean your windows with crumpled wrapping paper.


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