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How to Plant Asparagus

Martha Stewart
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Enjoy flavorful spring asparagus from your backyard with this simple vegetable gardening how-to from ReMarthable Contest finalist Kendra Lord.


Tools and Materials

  • Trowel
  • Asparagus crowns


  1. Select a gardening space that is in full sun, keeping in mind that asparagus plants can grow as tall as 6 feet and could shade the rest of your vegetables if not positioned correctly.
  2. Using a trowel, dig furrows that are 6 to 8 inches deep and 3 to 5 feet apart.
  3. Set asparagus crowns upright in furrows, with the roots spread evenly. Cover with 2 inches of soil, creating a mound. As spears grow through the soil, gradually fill in with more soil and keep plant well watered.
  4. In early spring each year, plants will begin producing shoots. During the first season after planting, let your asparagus grow into ferns. During the second season, harvest selectively for only a two-week period, being careful not to over-pick and stopping when new shoots appear thin and spindly. In the third season, harvest asparagus plants for a full six to eight weeks. The plants should continue to produce spears for approximately 15 years.

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