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How to Organize Your Shed

Suzanne Oliver
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Christopher Elwell/Shutterstock.com

If your shed is starting to look like your closet (a chaotic mess) then it’s time to clean, purge and organize!

You don’t want to waste time digging for your trusty trowel, while you should be happily digging in your garden. And you certainly don’t want to purchase a second rake, just because you can’t find your first one.

Here are some simple tips for storing and organizing your tools and gardening/lawn care supplies.

  • Whether it’s a full-fledged freestanding shed in your back yard or just a corner of your garage, first things first — pull everything out. Your lawn make look a little like a yard sale, but it’s crucial to know what’s been causing all the clutter.
  • Sweep the floor and start with a clean slate.


  • Sort objects into groups, e.g. chemicals, cords, pots, seeds and such. Donate duplicates and toss out anything broken or rusted. The garbage men should have a hefty haul on trash day. Recycle whatever you can!
  • Now that you can see exactly what you have, it’s time to make a layout of the available space. Keep in mind that you’ll want to have those items you use most frequently (e.g. shovel, ladder, pruners, etc.) near the door and easily accessible. You may even want to nail a series of hooks onto the back of the door to hang tools, as this handy space often goes unused.
  • If you have the room, put in a potting bench, and preferably under a window to take advantage on the natural light.
  • Pegboards are practically a must. For custom organization, match the appropriate hook to each individual tool. You can even mark their outlines on the board, so it’s easy to spot what’s missing.
  • Use magnetic boards to hold paintbrushes and small tools.
  • Invest in a set of adjustable shelves. This allows you to go vertical and cash in on otherwise wasted space.
  • Hang a basket, any old one will do, and store your gardening gloves.
  • Put up a bulletin board and pin your plant tags and seed packets.
  • Keep track of your plantings and fertilizer schedule with a dry-erase calendar.
  • Wrap your hose around a hook or simply coil inside a hose pot. A galvanized bucket with its bottom screwed to the wall also makes a handy holder, plus you can put your sprinklers inside.
  • Construct a small ramp out of plywood to easily roll your wheelbarrow and lawn mower out the door.
  • Nail shelves in between the wall studs for extra storage.
  • Create a small caddy for grab-and-go trips to the garden. This Fiskars version wraps around a 5-gallon bucket, leaving the inside free for clippings and yard waste.
  • Don’t forget room for a trash can!

Favorite Product: Storability 66 in. Shed Wall Storage Center

Versatile steel storage for up to 875 pounds. Includes shelving, wire baskets, hooks and a zip-and-carry storage/recycle bag.

Now that you can quickly spot your rake, there’s no excuse for not raking the leaves!

Featured image, image on right (organized shed), and image above (shed with plants): Shutterstock/Christofoto

Image of disorganized shed: Shutterstock/vilax

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