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How to Make a Tile Planter

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours

How to make a tile planter

Learn how to make a tile planter for cacti and other succulents. These planters can also be used for other houseplants.

Using travertine tiles, spray paint, stencils and adhesive glue, you can make tile planters that will brighten any room. They’re simple to make.

How to Make Tile Planters


DIY tiles to make planters

Pull your materials together and start making your tile planters.

Tools and materials

DIY tile planter supplies

Steps for Making a Tile Planter

Step 1: Spray paint your tile using a stencil

Step 1: Paint the tiles

Place your stencil over a tile and spray paint the color of choice. We use Rust-oleum spray paint in Midnight Blue with a satin finish.

To vary designs, use different stencils. Optionally, use another spray paint color to give the planters a varied look.

DIY tile planters

Step 2: Let the tiles dry

Let the tiles dry for about 15 to 30 minutes before lifting the stencil. Continue letting the tiles dry for another 30 minutes. Drying time can vary.

Glue tile planters together

Step 3: Glue the tile planter

Arrange your tiles for the planter. Hold two tiles together and super glue them on the edges and on the inside. Let sit for a few minutes and then glue each additional side until the planter is finished.

If needed, use painter’s tape to hold the sides together.

Take a plain tile and glue it to the bottom. It will not cover the entire bottom, but that’s okay, because it creates drainage.  

DIY tile planters

Step 4: Plant cacti or other succulents

With this planter, it’s easy to just drop in cactus and other succulent plants inside. Wear gloves when dealing with cacti. Finish off the look of your planter using coco fiber or decorative stones.

Optionally, you can seal the bottom tile with adhesive caulk and let dry. To finish, scoop in potting mix and plant the cactus and succulent plants in the tile planter.

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