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How to Make a Merry Gingerbread Town and More with Terra Cotta Pots

Lucy Mercer
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Duration: 2-4 hours


Gingerbread town made from terra cotta pots.

This Christmas, get crafty with terra cotta pots and make a festive gingerbread town. Display your gingerbread village as a centerpiece on the holiday table, or place it on a mantel or hall table with a mix of old and new Christmas decor.

Follow the step by step instructions to make the gingerbread house, then read on to discover a clever Santa suit, a friendly and frosty snowman and a whimsical tilted Christmas tree, all made with inexpensive terra cotta pots and craft paint. Transform terra cotta pots into Christmas decor in an afternoon. An optional coat of crystal clear spray paint will seal the artwork.

Gingerbread Village

Art supplies for gingerbread town made from terra cotta pots.

Tools and Materials:


Painting a terra cotta pot with white paint to resemble snow.

1. Paint the bottom and rim of the pot with white craft paint to resemble snow. Let dry for about an hour before applying the next layer of paint.


A terra cotta pot painted with craft paint to resemble a gingerbread house.

2. Use bright green paint for the doors and trim. Note: paint pens make easy work of the finer details, along with puffy holiday stickers.

Snowman Planter

A terra cotta pot painted with a snowman face and filled with a houseplant

Paint a friendly frosty face on a terra cotta pot this Christmas season and fill it with a tropical houseplant. This simple design is easy to mass produce for teacher and family gifts. In the Garden Center, look for easy-care plants like pothos (above) and aglaonema. Bromeliads with their bright red and yellow rosettes would be fun choice, too.


Art supplies for snowman terra cotta pot.

Tools and Materials:

Spray painting the terra cotta pot with white paint.

1. Turn the pot upside down and spray all over with white paint. 


Simple snowman face is easy to paint on terra cotta pot.

2. With a foam paint brush, paint the rim with black paint for the snowman’s hat, and let dry for about an hour. Finish the snowman’s face with paint pens or a paint brush. Let dry for a few hours before displaying with a tropical plant.

Santa’s Suit Planter

A terra cotta pot painted like Santa's suit and filled with a tropical plant.

Santa’s suit makes an ideal vessel for a tropical plant. This pot takes just four steps: painter’s tape, red paint, black paint and a belt buckle.


Art supplies for a terra cotta pot painted like Santa's suit with a buckle.

Tools and Materials:

Painter's tape on the rim of the terra cotta pot prepared for painting.

1. Wrap painter’s tape around the rim of the terra cotta pot.

Red spray paint on a terra cotta pot for a Santa suit planter.

2. Cover completely with red spray paint. Be sure to paint in a well-ventilated area. Let the pot dry for a few hours until it is no longer sticky. Carefully peel off the painter’s tape.

A black rim painted on the terra cotta pot for a Santa suit planter.

3. With a foam brush, paint the rim with black paint. Let dry for at least an hour.

A glittery paper buckle is attached to the black rim of the Santa suit terra cotta pot.

4. Cut a buckle out of glittery card stock. Affix to the “belt” with glue dots or tape.

Whimsical Christmas Tree

A whimsical Christmas tree made from stacked terra cotta pots painted green.

This whimsical Christmas tree can be set on a mantel or tabletop or even serve as a holiday centerpiece. Pick four sizes of terra cotta pots, give them a glossy coat of green paint (shown is Rust-Oleum’s Grass), let them dry, then stack them up with a tilt. Finish with a string of micro LED lights for the easiest, silliest tree of all.


Art supplies for whimsical Christmas tree made of terra cotta pots.


Spray paint the terra cotta pots with green paint.

1. Spray the pots with green spray paint. Let dry for at least a few hours, but overnight is best. When they’re dry, stack and decorate.

Photography and styling by Debbie Wolfe.

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