How to Make a Flower Press

Michael Nolan
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Pressing flowers is an easy way to preserve the beauty of your favorite blooms. This flower press can be built in an afternoon and enjoyed all year long. Best of all, this project doesn’t require extensive knowledge of power tools.

Once you have all of the materials together, you can easily build this attractive flower press in a few hours (plus paint drying time).

Step 1

To begin, you will need two pieces of wood that are the same size and shape. To ensure the strength and long term stability of your flower press, your wood should be no less than 1″ thick, but the specific measurements are entirely up to you.  Our example is 12″ x 10″ but you could make your press a few inches larger to process more flowers if you like.

If you are uncomfortable cutting the wood yourself, ask an associate in the Home Depot lumber department to assist you.

Step 2

About an inch from each corner of one piece of wood, make a mark. This will be your drill guide, so make sure your marks are accurate and evenly spaced. Get them too close to the edges and the drill may go through the side of the wood.

Step 3

Next, stack the two pieces of wood together and place them atop a piece of scrap wood. Carefully drill through both pieces of wood ensuring a clean, straight hole all the way through.

Step 4

Using a piece of sandpaper, carefully smooth away any rough edges from the wood, including the newly-drilled holes. Wipe the wood clear of any dust or debris.

Step 5

Apply a layer of Martha Stewart Living Primer & Sealer and allow to dry for approximately 30 minutes, or until no longer tacky.  Then, using a fresh sponge brush, apply Martha Stewart Living Crackle Paint. The instructions remind you to apply in a thick layer, and they mean it. The thicker the layer of paint, the more pronounced the finished crackle will be.  Allow the paint to dry in a warm, sunny spot.

Step 6

While you wait for the paint to dry, cut several pieces of scrap cardboard to size.  They should be a bit smaller than the wood so that they don’t hang outside when the press is in use.

Next, cut a stack of newspapers about the same size as the cardboard.

Step 7

Place a few layers of newspaper atop a piece of cardboard and begin to carefully place your flowers. Make sure that your flowers are not touching one another or they will dry that way.

Add a layer of newspaper and another piece of cardboard and continue the process as needed until you have all of the flowers placed.

Step 8

When the paint is dry, place the carriage bolts into the holes of one piece of wood. Place the stack of cardboard, flowers, and newspaper atop the wood and then add the second piece of wood, aligning it on the carriage bolts.

Screw on the wing nuts and press the top board down with your hand. Tighten the wing nuts finger tight and set your flower press in a dry location for a few days. Depending on the flowers you are drying and the temperature and humidity in your area, the drying and pressing process could take as long as 2-3 weeks, but you should begin checking them in a week.



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