How to Care for Holiday Greenery

P. Allen Smith
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P. Allen Smith holiday greenery

If you really want to deck the halls with style this year I recommend including fresh cut greenery in your holiday decorations. You just can’t beat the appearance and scent of evergreens for evoking the spirit of the season.

Many homeowners forgo fresh greenery because they think it is difficult to maintain through the holiday season. However, there are a few steps you can take when you purchase your greenery that will help retain moisture and moisture is the key to keeping greenery in tip-top condition.

As you are browsing through holiday greenery look for pieces with good color, flexible stems and minimal needle drop. Consider selecting greenery types that are known to be durable such as Western Cedar and Noble Fir.

P. Allen Smith holiday swags

Once you get your greenery home it will help to rehydrate the pieces before you begin decorating. Soak unembellished wreaths, garland and cut boughs in water overnight. A big galvanized tub is good to have on hand for this project. And if you are like me you’ll find plenty of uses for these tubs throughout the year. If the greenery is already decorated, use a spray bottle to mist it with water.

P. Allen Smith holiday greenery outdoors

Once the greenery is rehydrated, spray it with an anti-transpirant. An anti-transpirants will seal the pores in stems and leaves, which reduces moisture loss. Wait a few hours after treatment before you begin decorating. If your greenery has already been sprayed, don’t soak it overnight because you don’t want to wash the anti-transpirant off.

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