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How to Make a Mosquito Repellent Station

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner


How to Make a Bug Repellent Station

Learn how to make a mosquito repellent station that takes less than 15 minutes to set up. When mosquitos steer clear from your outdoor entertaining areas, it’s easy to have fun and enjoy chilling outside.

This DIY project helps you create a place where guests can help themselves to bug repellent. Having a mosquito repellent station set up will help raise the level of guest comfort and bring peace of mind to your next gathering, knowing that no one will suffer from mosquito and other insect bites. Preventing mosquito bites is the most effective way to avoid getting sick from viruses spread by mosquitoes.

Tools and Materials

Supplies to Make a Bug Repellent Station

Steps for Making a Mosquito Repellent Station

Stack Crates for a Bug Repellent Station

STEP 1: Stack the crates

Take stock of your crates and see how they stack up. Stacking the crates will allow guests to see things at eye level.

To build yours, make a sturdy base of two crates then turn several on their sides to use as shelves. Optionally, a small outdoor table works well, too.

Bug Repellent Station DIY

STEP 2: Add bug repellent and Accessories

Start setting up your bug spray and bug repellent accessories. Put all your mosquito repellent sprays in a container, such as a metal bucket or a small planter

Next, add tiki torches and citronella candles. These will help in creating a bug-free perimeter around your outdoor entertaining area.

For broader control, you could treat your lawn with insect control to keep mosquitos and other pesky bugs away. 

Another option: strategically placed mosquito coils, mosquito repellent bracelets and mosquito dunks. Mosquito dunks kill mosquito larvae naturally in standing water, but do not harm pets, birds, fish or any wildlife. Get more ideas for controlling mosquitos in your outdoor space.

Mosquito repellent station - herbs in planters.

STEP 3: Consider Plants that help Repel mosquitos

Once you have your mosquito repellent station set up, consider adding plants that repel mosquitos naturally, such as: rosemary, citronella mosquito plant, lemon thyme, peppermint, lavender, cat mint, lemon balm and others. 

Donning your gardening gloves, you can quickly transplant small pots of herbs into pretty planters. Also consider crushing some of these herb leaves in your hands to carry the fragrance with you as another way to help keep bugs at bay.

How to make a mosquito repellent station

Step 4: Enjoy entertaining outdoors

Now it’s time to enjoy. Don’t forget to light all the candles and torches. Let the party begin now that your outdoor area is free of mosquitos and other biting insects.

Special thanks to Rambo Nursery for providing the location and Melissa Haghighat and Lucy Mercer of The Home Depot for assistance with the photo shoot

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