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Holiday Plant Puzzlers: Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Lynn Coulter
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Did you get the right answers on last week’s quiz? They were: 1. the Trojan Horse;  2. combs; 3. swans; and 4. a goose.

This time, show us your smarts about holiday plants!

Jot down the first letter of your answer to each question below. Then unscramble the letters to reveal a holiday word.

1.   The ancient Romans used holly to honor ______, the god of agriculture. (Hint: it’s also the name of a planet.)
2.   Fill in the blank: Poinsettias are ______ to Mexico.
3.   The plant shown below is often sold pre-potted, so it will bloom during the holidays. It’s an  _________.


holiday plant puzzler, try our garden club quiz


4.  If your Christmas Cactus flowers in November, you might actually have a __________ cactus.
5.  An  ______ wreath is made of evergreen branches and candles that are lit in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Remember, use the first letter of each of the 5 answers to unscramble a holiday word:   _ _ _ _ _

Good luck!

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