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Growing Spring Vegetables

Martha Stewart
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Early spring is the perfect time to plant your peas, beets, radishes, spinach, and other salad greens. These vegetables can thrive in cool temperatures and withstand light frosts that are common this time of year.

Follow these tips for planting and caring for early spring vegetables:

  • Sow seeds into cell packs and grow seedlings.
  • Place seedlings in a cold frame to harden off.
  • Bed preparation: Add compost layer, use salt marsh hay to suppress weeds and delineate walking paths, and use a broad fork to lift, fluff and aerate the soil.
  • Transplanting seedlings: Check seed packets for proper spacing and depth.
  • Direct sowing techniques: Use a guideline and hand-plant peas.
  • Watering: Keep plants and soil moist.
  • Row covering is important to help stave off insect and frost damage.

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