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No Green Thumb? No Time? Grow Succulents.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


No green thumb? No time? No worries. Succulents are your answer.

Decorating with succulents is fun. Their many unique shapes, colors, textures and sizes add drama and interest to the décor of any room. Plus, succulents are easy to care for. If you’re always forgetting to water your houseplants, succulents are the perfect plants for you.

Look for plants such as aloe vera, burro’s tail, string of pearls and snake plant. Grow single succulents in pots or combine many in dish gardens.

Caring for Succulents:

  1. Give succulents as much light as possible. A window with direct sun is best.
  2. Place anywhere in your home or office, except humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The dry air of most houses suits succulents perfectly.
  3. Water every other month in winter when plants are dormant. Just as they like dry air, succulents like dry soil.
  4. Make sure pots have excellent drainage. Never leave in standing water.
  5. Don’t feed during winter months. 

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