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Grow a Salad Indoors

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour



If you can’t wait much longer for fresh salad greens, start fast-growing lettuces indoors now. You’ll have baby greens in less than a month and a second harvest two weeks later.

After that, either grow them indoors year-round or transplant them outdoors. Choose either a single variety or mesclun mixtures, which include arugula, lettuce and mustard greens.

Or, make your own mixture with varying colors and textures from several packets of seeds. Kale, spinach and Asian greens make great baby greens to grow indoors, too.

Grow Fresh Greens Indoors:

  1. Recycle clear containers such as those from pre-packaged greens or take-out food or use seed-starting trays.
  2. Make several drainage holes in the bottom of the containers.
  3. Place container on tray to catch water later.
  4. Place 1”-2” of fresh potting soil in the container.
  5. Spread seeds a fingertip’s width apart over the soil.
  6. Gently press to settle the seeds into the soil.
  7. Spray with water until the surface is wet.
  8. Place the container in a warm, moderately bright place until the seeds germinate, usually about two days.
  9. Water again and immediately place the container on a sunny windowsill or beneath a grow light.
  10. Check daily to see if greens need water. If the container feels light, the soil probably needs water.
  11. Rotate greens grown on windowsills each day, so that all plants get equal light.
  12. Harvest when leaves are 2” tall by holding container at an angle and clipping leaves into a colander. Cut just above the place where you see new leaves emerging from the center of the plants.
  13. Return to growing spot and water regularly.
  14. Harvest again in 2-3 weeks.
  15. When conditions permit, cut the matted plants into cookie-size chunks and transplant outdoors. In about a month, they will regrow into salad-size bunches.

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