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Grow Garlic Now for Gourmet Dishes Later

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Difficulty: Beginner

gardening tips by region - grow garlic

Growing garlic is a lot like growing tulips – you plant the cloves in fall, they slowly grow roots through winter, then explode with new growth in spring. This is how you grow garlic.

All garlic needs is a sunny, well-drained site to grow, especially since it has few problems with pests and diseases.

How to grow garlic:  

  1. Prepare the bed by pulling weeds and turning the soil.
  2. Mix in half the amount of organic or slow-release bulb fertilizer recommended for flower bulbs.
  3. Dig a 6” deep trench.
  4. Sprinkle the bottom of the trench with the remaining half of fertilizer.
  5. Refill the trench halfway with loose soil.
  6. Carefully break off the largest cloves from the outside of the garlic bulb. Do not peel the cloves.
  7. Poke cloves into the soil, pointed sides up and 6” apart. Cover with 3” of remaining soil.
  8. Mulch with 2” of composted material such as chopped leaves, wood chips, straw or sawdust, to prevent winter weeds.
  9. Depending on weather, you may see green shoots right away or not until spring. Either way, expect a nice crop of garlic next summer.


You can plant garlic cloves purchased from the grocery store.  

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