Grow Fresh Lettuce in a Snap

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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Lettuce in container

From window boxes to space-saving vertical planters, you can grow lettuce anywhere. Perfect for everything from salads to sandwiches, grow this staple year-round.

Lettuce roots are dense yet shallow, so they can adapt to life in containers. Broad lettuce leaves do a good job gathering light, so lettuce grows well in spots that get only a half day of sun. Plus, lettuce matures quickly, so it’s an ideal crop to grow before you are ready to fill beds and planters with tomatoes and other vegetables that need warmer weather.

Four Ways to Grow Fresh Lettuce This Spring:

  1. Grow lettuce in a window box or deck rail planter. Lettuce, especially rounded butterhead, looks attractive in neat, uniform rows. Add mini-pansies to the planter for color, as pansy blossoms are edible.
  2. Plant a broad bowl with two different types of lettuce seedlings, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Make sure your bowl has drainage holes. Place your lettuce bowl on a low table or plant stand where it can be seen from above. Water daily, and move the bowl to a shady spot during periods of very hot weather.
  3. Experiment with stackable planters and different lettuce varieties. For example, place red-leafed varieties in the topmost pot so you can see how the sun lights up the leaves.
  4. Repurpose a pallet to grow lettuce outdoors. Place a heat-treated wood pallet atop prepared soil, fill crevices with organic garden soil and plant seedlings in the openings. Lettuce uses the pallet’s slats to shade their roots while the slats block out weeds.

Tip: Lettuce needs frequent light watering to support steady growth. Use a watering can with a nozzle or hose with watering wand to shower plants.

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