Eat Your Greens! Start a Fall Salad Garden Now.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

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Slightly cooler temperatures are perfect for growing salad greens. Whether harvesting as sprouts, tender baby greens, or mature, leafy greens, plant now for salads later.

Mixed greens, onions and radishes are perfect for fall salads and will grow quickly.  

Start a Fall Salad Garden:  

  1. Remove any existing plant material and loosen the soil with a spading fork.
  2. Amend the soil with 2” of compost, composted manure or fertilizer as needed.
  3. Draw a trowel lightly along the prepared soil to create a slight indention. Sow your favorite lettuce seeds and other fast growers such as baby spinach and radishes.
  4. Water thoroughly and keep soil moist, especially as new seeds germinate.
  5. Thin out seedlings when they grow to 1” tall, according to seed packet instructions.
  6. For a continuous garden, sow a new row of seeds every two weeks. 

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