Grow Up: DIY Terra Cotta Tower

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2 hours


Whether your garden is part of an apartment balcony, a postage-stamp yard or endless acres, vertical planters provide opportunities for you to grow lots of plants.

Vertical planters save space, are easy to maintain and stand out with unique designs.

While there are a ton of options for indoor and outdoor planters, it’s just as easy to make your own.

With a good-quality potting soil and the right container, you can grow all kinds of colorful flowers, fresh herbs and tasty vegetables. Try this DIY stacked terra cotta vertical planter.

Step 1

Select a location. You will not want to move the vertical garden much once planted so it’s best to build it where you eventually want it. To build the flower tower, set a 14” pot on top of its saucer and fill 3/4 with potting soil. Position a metal rod or rebar in the center of the pot. 

Step 2

Plant either flowers and herbs or succulents around the edge of the pot and cover roots with soil. Pull back soil from the center so the next pot can nestle 2” deep. Slide a 12” pot down the pole. Position this pot in the middle of the bottom pot. Repeat steps above with the 12”, 10”, 8” and 6” pots.

Step 3

Water each container until soil is soaked. Regularly check all pots to ensure there’s enough soil around the plants. Add more if needed.

Step 4

Terra cotta towers fit almost anywhere in your landscape. They even fit on the edge of your driveway.

Step 5

Enjoy the beauty of the terra cotta tower all season long. 


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