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Grow a Vegetable Garden in the Shade

Michael Nolan
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Raised Bed Shade Vegetable Garden

You’ve always wanted to grow a vegetable garden, but your yard is too shady… or is it?

Despite rumors to the contrary, you can grow a thriving vegetable garden even in partial shade!  Believe it or not, all you have to do is choose the right plants.

Sure, if you try to grow sun-hungry vegetable garden plants like tomatoes and peppers, you aren’t going to be very successful, but there are still plenty of tasty edibles that will thrive in your shade vegetable garden. Most herbs and leafy greens will perform quite well in less-than-full sun, especially if you live in an area that tends toward high heat and humidity during the summer months. The shade garden environment will help to keep those edibles cooler, thus allowing them to produce more readily and consistently than they might in full sun. In many parts of the country, growing vegetables like lettuce in the shade will even help them to produce longer.

Some of the most common and beloved vegetable garden favorites are perfectly suited for shade, including:

Don’t have shade but want to reap the benefits of growing shade-loving vegetables? Try tucking a few plants beneath the shade of your towering sun-lovers and get the best of both worlds!

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