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Green Up Grass And Black Out Bugs

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Difficulty: Beginner


Summer is stressful on lawns. Stay a step ahead with double-duty fertilizers with insect control. These products feed, protect and strengthen lawns against heat and drought while killing pests. The result: relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn all summer. Look for a lawn fertilizer with no more than 20 percent nitrogen to minimize runoff and with insecticide to control ticks, fleas, ants, gnats, moths, yellow jackets, flies, grasshoppers, mole crickets and mealy bugs, among others.

Do Double-Duty with Insect Control Fertilizers:

1. Only fertilize grasses that go dormant in winter like Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia and centipede. Do not fertilize fescue and Kentucky bluegrass during the summer in warmer climates.
2. Calculate the area of lawn (width x length) you want to treat.
3. Use only the appropriate quantity of fertilizer/insecticide needed.
4. Wear gloves and dust mask.
5. On a dry, windless day, pour product into a rotary spreader and set the gauge to the recommended level.
6. Apply half the product, running the spreader in a north/south pattern and half in an east/west pattern.
7. Water heavily to activate product, but do not allow water to run-off into other areas.


Exercise caution around bodies of water because insecticide may be toxic to fish. Avoid breathing the dust or getting the product in your eyes or on your hands.

Product Checklist:


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