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How to Give Your Garden What it Needs to Survive Summer

Renee Valdes
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Garden landscape

When lazy days of summer arrive and the heat sets in, make things easy on yourself and your garden.

Take steps now to keep your garden looking fresh and blooming strong so you can relax and entertain in your outdoor space.

5 Steps to keeping your garden healthy and blooming strong


Rain barrel water collected from rain refreshes your garden

1. Deep soak

Provide your garden with a deep watering several times a week. Try watering in the morning to reduce the chance of mildew and give your plants a chance to refresh before facing the heat of the day, especially with plants that get searing afternoon sun.

A great option for thirsty gardens is to utilize rain barrels that collect rain water and help reduce your reliance on public water usage. See our guide on rain barrels.


Hose timers save water, time and money in your garden.

2. Put your garden on autopilot

Traveling this summer? Make things easy by planning now for quick and easy getaways without worrying about how your garden will get along without you. Hook up your hoses and put them on timers so your garden will never get thirsty.

Some hose timers allow you to hook up to four hoses for different zones in your garden.

Check out these tips for watering.


Organic fertilizer, plant fertilizer

3. Feed bloomers for more boom

Take time now to feed your veggies, herbs and flowers so they get that extra boost to power through summer. Use organic fertilizer options for edibles. 

Try a monthly dose of water-soluble plant food for flowers.


Flower Bouquet | The Home Depot's Garden Club

4. Cultivate flowers

Cut your flowers so they’ll produce more. Cosmos, zinnias, coreopsis, daisies and others need regular trimming to keep the blooms coming.

So break out your garden pruners. Just think how beautiful your space will look with a steady supply of freshly cut flowers all summer long! 


Make Your Garden Better with Mulch | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Layer like lasagna

Like lasagna, add some layers to your garden and containers. Freshen up dry soil by mixing in compost and adding a layer of mulch. Use organic products if growing edibles. Mulch helps plants retain moisture, protects from pests and diseases and helps control weed growth.

In extreme weather, mulch helps to safeguard plants from blistering summer heat and later as summer turns to fall, adds insulation from changing temperatures.

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