Get Ghoulish with Skeletons, More for Indoor Halloween Decor

Renee Valdes
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You won’t need to scare up the fun when you decorate using ghoulish indoor Halloween decor.

Leave no surface untouched and take horror to the next level with indoor Halloween decorations such as life-sized skeletons and other creepy options.

Decorating indoors for Halloween creates a festive space for everyone. It’s perfect for a party or a get-together before you send the kiddos outdoors for tricks and treats. 


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You’ll definitely create webs of excitement with giant spiders and beetles crawling up the walls or perhaps lurking on a window.

Add black candlesticks, a vulture skeleton and scary string lights around a mantel or tabletop. There’s no end to what you can do for ghoulish style inside your home.

Set up the fright with accessories that will get your house guests talking. Or, perhaps Halloween novelty decorations such as a scary animated terror television or a skull phone will do all of the talking for you. 

Let ghoulish decor rule inside for Halloween ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Spooky animated and motion-detecting figures, such as life-sized witches or butlers, will also keep the atmosphere frightful around your indoor space. It’s like having extra guests at the party.


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Indoor Decorating Tips for Ghoulish Fun:

  • Choose a focal point, such as a mantel or a corner.
  • Place your largest decorations first, such as animated figures, where they’ll get the most attention.
  • Use faux spider webs with wild abandon.
  • Layer in scary accessories, including skeleton parts, bugs, crows, cages and more.
  • Add special effects, such as string lights and projection lighting.
  • Spray paint anything, including pumpkins and plants. Think black houseplants or mums!
  • Take it one step at a time. Remember that you can buy core pieces and add to your collection over time.

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