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Get Your Garden Shed Organized with These 6 Secrets

Renee Valdes
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Get your garden tools organized with a shed ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Get your garden shed organized and tackle this item on your to-do list.

No matter if your shed consists of just a corner in your garage, a section of your patio or porch or a free-standing structure, getting organized will help you get ready for upcoming outdoor projects.

By tackling the job now, you just might save yourself from buying that second rake or bag of potting soil.

Get your Garden Shed Organized with these 6 secrets 


Start somewhere and organize your shed or garage ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Start somewhere

The key to getting your shed organized is to start somewhere. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time. You can always start small and stick to organizing a corner or a shelf.

Or, if you must, tackle your entire shed all at once. If that’s the case, then empty out the entire contents of your shed or storage area to understand what’s causing all the clutter.


Get your shed organized ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Don’t skimp on storage

Getting your garden shed organized starts with storage. It pays to invest in a set of adjustable shelves and storage bins and totes. Both allow you to go vertical and cash in on otherwise wasted space.  

Be sure to label your rubber storage bins and containers on the outside to make for easy rummaging when you need something inside.  


Seed storage and shed organization ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Invent new ways to store supplies

Got extra gardening supplies not in use? Put them to work. Repurpose planters and buckets so they serve as places to store extra potting soil, garden ties, twine, floral wire and more.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to pot, plant, trim, dig and more in the garden.


Get your garden shed organized ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Consider a pegboard

Behold the power of a pegboard. A pegboard lets you hang up everything from small garden hand tools to garden hose nozzles. For custom organization, invest in hooks and other accessories for pegboards that will keep your shed or garage organized.

Another magic solution: magnetic boards. These help you keep track of metal items that adhere to the strips.


Glove storage

5. The power of the S-hook

Little S-hooks can do big jobs if you let them. S-hooks can hold extra tools or even a hanging basket such as the one above.

Not only will your extra supplies stay out of the way, you can keep them at eye level for when you need them next.


Get organized for gardening season ll The Home Depot Garden Club

6. Quick access to frequently used items

Keep all your frequently used gardening items close at hand. Store your gardening gloves, hand trowels, pruners, garden scissors and potting soil in a place you can get to fast. 

One way is to create a small caddy for grab-and-go trips to the garden. This Fiskars version wraps around a 5-gallon bucket, leaving the inside free for clippings and yard waste.

If you’ve got a potting bench, this is the perfect place to store those items. No potting bench? See our DIY plans to make one.


Get an organized shed ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Of course, if your garden shed also serves as a place to relax, you’ll really want to stay on top of organization. For more great ideas about organizing your garden shed, see these 10 great ideas.

If you don’t own a shed and you’re considering one, see our tips on how to find the shed that’s right for you.


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