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Get Outside and Grill

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Grill with Herbs 

Presented by Nature’s Care

A summer spent outside just isn’t complete without cooking on the grill. Whether it’s simple burgers and baked potatoes or something more exotic, like lamb kabobs, grilling is a sure-fire way to a delicious summer.

Pots of Herbs

So this season, let’s get your grilling off to a fresh start. Put fresh, ready-to-pick herbs within reach.

It’s simple. Just choose a few small containers that fit your patio. The closer to your grill, the better. Then, add some quality potting mix, like Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve, a rich organic mix that absorbs like a sponge to protect against over and under watering. To bring life and vitality to your herbs, give them a dose of Nature’s Care Organic Blood Meal.

Plant each container with your favorite Bonnie Plants herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro, sage, tarragon or parsley. Plant a variety as wide as your appetite for grilling and add fresh-picked flavor at the perfect moment.


For added flavor, consider varying your heat source. Using woods like pecan for cooking chicken or mesquite for beef will enhance the aroma and flavor of your meal. Even the simple addition of lemon zest on fish, perhaps with a pinch of chili powder, enhances the outcome of your grilling.

Once you get into your grilling groove, remember to mix it up and move beyond the burger. Grill vegetables along with your meal. Even fruits like pineapple are perfect for grilling. Change up your protein choices from beef to lamb or pork, and remember fish and shellfish, like salmon or shrimp.

To further whet your appetite for grilling, here’s a great recipe for outside grilling with your guests.

Cut a variety of protein (red meat, chicken, fish) into similar sized squares. Then cut a variety of grilling vegetables (onions, squash, peppers). Have a few oils on hand, especially olive oil, to brush over before grilling. Give your guests two skewers each and have them build their own kabobs (double skewering keeps food from rolling as it is rotated). When they’re finished, offer a few sauces for dipping.

So go ahead and grill beyond the ordinary this season and give your guests, and yourself, a bigger, better taste of summer.

Grilling and entertaining

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