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Get Instant Impact with Flowers and Ferns in Your Outdoor Space

Home Depot
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Deck out your patio or porch with flowers such as petunias ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Now is an ideal time to decorate your front porch, balcony or patio with hanging baskets and other containers of flowers and ferns. Bigger is certainly better when it comes to curb appeal, and large container gardening can instantly create a show-stopping focal point.

For a quick splash of color and guaranteed success, buy ready-made containers with ferns or flowers, or combinations of plants that thrive in the same conditions. Or get creative and personalize a container with your favorite flowers, grasses and foliage.

HOW TO DECORATE WITH flowers, ferns and other plants

5 Projects to Spiff Up Your Porch this Spring

  1. Find an area to decorate. Find an outside space that needs a pop of color.
  2. Select your plant(s). Select a ready-made container with colors and flowers you love for either a sunny or shady spot.
  3. Read plant tags. Find out how much and when to feed and water by reading plant tags.
  4. Water regularly. When the top of the soil is dry to the touch, water until it trickles out the drainage holes.
  5. Get creative. You can use a hanging basket in a container, too. It’s easy. Just cut off the hangers and pop it in a container for instant color.


Sueprbells in Container | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  1. Pick a container. Select a large container with drainage holes.
  2. Get some drama. Select plants that create a dramatic effect. Consider color, shape, texture, and size. Cover all of your bases by picking plants that will fill, spill and thrill. You want to have a tall plant in the center, plants to fill the middle, and finally, plants that will spill over the edge — known as cascading plants. Find this information on the plant tag.
  3. Find a location. Place the large container in its ideal location. Completed containers are too heavy to move and can hurt your back.
  4. Fill with soil. Fill the container ¾ full with moisture-retaining potting soil that also contains a slow-release fertilizer.
  5. Be mindful of roots. Remove the plants from their pots and loosen their roots. Never pull the plant out by the flowers or stems.
  6. Arrange. Arrange the flowers and plants in the container.
  7. Fill in gaps. With extra potting soil, which comes ready-made with slow-release fertilizer and moisture control, fill in any gaps and gently tap down. Let soil settle.
  8. Fertilize when needed. If you’re using potting soil without added fertilizer, feed with a fertilizer. Follow the product directions to know when and how much to use.
  9. Help retain moisture. Add 2 to 3 inches of mulch, moss or decorative rocks around the plant to retain moisture.
  10. Water when needed. When the top of the soil is dry to the touch, water your plant until it trickles out the drainage holes. Use a to reach hanging baskets. 


Container filled with colorful flowers and plants | The Home Depot's Garden Club


If you’re using a very large container, you can fill the bottom 1/3 with a non-soluble filler material such as aluminum cans, plastic containers, broken clay pots, or packing peanuts.


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